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Local Bites is a podcast that tracks ideas and initiatives that resist corporate power, renew place-based economies, and preserve human and ecological well-being. Our goal is to feature the voices of activists and visionaries from all around the world who are driving creative grassroots initiatives that demonstrate the power of 'going local'. Produced by Local Futures, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the renewal of community, ecological health and local economies worldwide.
March 18, 2018 @ 7:03 pm

Episode 8 - Creating the Framework for a New Economy

Jay TomptIn this episode, Jay Tompt tells the story of the REconomy Centre. A little bit startup incubator, a little bit co-working space, and a little bit gift-economy networking hub, this "new economy wing of the Transition movement" emerged from an abandoned office building in Totnes, England to bridge political divides and help create the conditions needed for holistic local economies to emerge around the world.

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Music used:
Chris Zabriskie: "Is That You or Are You You?" (CC BY 4.0); Kevin Macleod: "Sonatina" (CC BY 3.0); Sean Keller: "Air"

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